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FAQ - Task Can/Cannot Perform

Where can I find a list of tasks that RNs and LPNS can or cannot perform?

The Alabama Nurse Practice Act and the Alabama Board of Nursing’s Administrative Code are written broadly so that they can apply to nursing practice in any setting.  As such, the ABN does not provide lists of tasks.  There are two keys to knowing what procedures/tasks a nurse, regardless of classification, can perform:

  1. The nurse’s basic education
  2. The facility/agency/company policies and procedures

In 2001 the Alabama Board of Nursing realized that agencies and facilities needed to expand the scope of practice for nurses as new procedures and treatments were developed.  After much deliberation, the Board adopted the Standardized Procedure Rule found in the Alabama Board of Nursing Administrative Code, Chapter 610-X-6-.12.  This rule requires that a facility/agency apply for and receive approval for standardized procedures for practice beyond basic nursing education.  The Standardized Procedure directs that agencies/facilities develop a policy and procedure that is approved by the chief nursing administrator, the chief medical officer and the chief executive officer as demonstrated by their signature on the application form.  Additionally, the agency/facility must provide an organized program of study for staff, supervised clinical practice and demonstration of competency that prepares nursing staff to expand the scope of practice for this selected procedure

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