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In Memoriam
In Memoriam 2006

In Memoriam  2006

The Board received notice that the following nurses are deceased. Condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones. Should you know the name of a deceased nurse not listed here or in previous newsletters who died within the past year, send an email to the Board office, mail in a newspaper clipping or send a death certificate.


Arnold, Limmer Ruth 1-022766
Bailey, Karen Viola McLendon 1-076249
Birdsong, Martha L. 2-004721
Carlson, Kathryn Lynelle 1-085811
Champion, Harriette P. 1-016654
Cosper, Rhonda K. Mock 1-026670
DeLoach, Sam Raybon 1-036696
Fore, Tammy Jo      2-020916
Godfrey, Linda Drensky 1-043559
Hall, Mary Ann 1-025544
Harper, Mary L Starke 1-006317
Hoffman, Gregory Gerard 2-051709
Khalil’llah, Stephanie E. 2-018131
Lawrence, Catherine Jane 1-050737
Leo, Robert Bernard 1-078371
Leverette, Lena Payne 1-006811
McKenzie, Kimberly Ann 1-070028
Millsap, Margaret Israel  1-007783
Nelson, Heather Michele 1-099098
Prochaska, Mary Therese Wrobel 1-023209
Range, Sharon A. 1-029090
Reynolds, Anne Louise 1-076742
Sims, Mary Jean  1-033922
Smith, Martha F. 1-025676
Watkins, Tammy Renee Parker  1-070497
Wilson, Mary Lucille Wallace  1-036525
Wright, Marion Lou Tatum  1-063510

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