IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective in 2016, the ABN will no longer issue license cards. Click HERE for more information.
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VIDEO: Reinstatement of Revoked License

The loss of one’s license to practice nursing is a very serious matter. The Board of Nursing will reinstate a license only if the applicant can present substantial evidence to the Board of Nursing that his or her license should be reinstated.

While the Board of Nursing has the authority to reinstate a nursing license, reinstatement is NOT A RIGHT. The burden of proof rests with the individual to demonstrate his/her fitness to return to the safe practice of nursing. Issues which may be considered by the Board are:
  • The nature of the Nurse Practice Act violation that led to loss or denial of the license;
  • Whether the factors that led to the loss or denial of the license are likely to reoccur;
  • Whether the individual is currently competent to practice his or her profession safely and in accordance with the requirements governing such practice;
  • The length of time since revocation/relinquishment/denial;
  • Whether or not re-licensure would present any undue risk to the public;
  • Evidence of rehabilitation;
  • and Continuing education.

A completed application may be accepted in the Board office no sooner than one year from the date of service of the Board’s Order upon the licensee. Applications received prior to that date will be returned. Following receipt and review of your application and supporting materials, you will be contacted and scheduled for a personal interview. Questions about this process should be directed to the legal division at 334-293-5200.