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Alabama Board of Nursing
NCLEX Item Development

NCSBN depends on practicing nurses to assist in the NCLEX® item development process. Panel members travel to Chicago (all expenses paid) to write or review test items for the NCLEX® examination. On-site training is provided. As an NCLEX® panel member, you not only have the opportunity to earn contact hours, but also to network with your nursing colleagues on a national level. Panels are held throughout the year. This is your opportunity to contribute to the continued excellence of the nursing profession.

To qualify, you must be a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/VN) in the jurisdiction where you practice. Specific requirements for the volunteer panels also include:

  • Item Writers must be a RN or LPN/VN for the NCLEX-PN® exam and a RN with a masters degree or higher for the NCLEX-RN® exam; and be responsible for teaching basic/undergraduate students in the clinical area.
  • Item Reviewers must be a RN or LPN/VN for the NCLEX-PN® exam and a RN for the NCLEX-RN® exam; and currently employed in a clinical setting, working directly with nurses who have entered practice within the last 12 months.
To apply today: Go to At the homepage under Nurses & Faculty menu, you will see a link for NCLEX Item Development.
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