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July 9, 2013

Exam Day: New Cell Phone Policy

As of March 2013, NCLEX candidates are required to store all electronic devices (i.e., cell/mobile/smart phones, cameras and tablets) in sealable bags provided at check-in by the test administrators (TA). These bags must remain in your locker for the duration of the examination. This policy has been implemented at all Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs). You are prohibited from tampering with the electronic device bag at any time.

At the completion of your exam, take your sealed bag to the TA at the administration desk. As a part of the check-out process, it is the TA's responsibility to open the bag. 

If you fail to comply with these rules, an incident report will be created and submitted for review. This could result in the cancellation of your result.

The goal of this policy is to prevent candidates from inadvertently touching their electronic devices thus reducing result cancellations. To date, there has been measured success in attaining this goal.

Please see the NCLEX Examination Candidate Rules for additional information on the new cell phone policy, as well as a list of all of the candidate rules.

  • A completed application for Licensure by Examination.
  • Official Transcript from an approved and accredited school of nursing
    • Student copies are not accepted.
    • Transcripts must be received at the Alabama Board of Nursing in a sealed envelope from your school of nursing.
  • Appropriate fees ($85 for the application and an additional $50 if requesting a temporary permit)
  • Register for NCLEX Exam with Pearson VUE (this is in addition to applying with the Alabama Board of Nursing)
  • Candidates Requesting Special Accommodations
    Requests for modification of the procedures for administering the examination for candidates with disabilities, must be submitted to the Board with the application for licensure and must include:

    1. An evaluation of the disability by the applicant’s licensed physician or licensed psychologist
    2. A statement from the Office of Student Disability Services addressing any accommodations made during the nursing education program.
    3. A statement from the candidate requesting specific accomodations

  • Temporary Permits
    A first time applicant for licensure by examination may request a nonrenewable 90 day temporary permit to practice nursing. The permit will be issued upon approval of a completed application packet for licensure by examination.
    • The permit will enable the applicant to practice as a Nursing Graduate under the supervision of a currently licensed registered nurse physically present in the facility and under direct supervision of a registered nurse physically present and accessible to designate or prescribe a course of action when performing more complex or advanced skills.
    • A temporary permit will expire upon receipt by the applicant of notice of licensure approval and issuance of a license or license disapproval or upon notice of failure to pass the examination.
    • The applicant must notify their employer immediately upon receipt of notice of failure to pass the examination or of licensure disapproval.
  • Applicants from Outside the United States:
    A social security number is required prior to issuance of a license.
    • Provide certification from the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). Also, have a full course by course evaluation package furnished by CGFNS forwarded to the AL Board of Nursing
    • Be a graduate of a nursing education program approved by the proper authorities in the country where the program is located.
    • Meet the requirements for nursing program content employed as criteria for approval in Alabama at the time of the applicant’s graduation.
    • Make up any educational deficiencies.
    • Provide proof of completion of secondary school or its equivalent.
    • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).
  • If your address changes following submission of this application, notify the Board office immediately.
  • Applicant check list:
    • Completed Application for Licensure by Examination
    • Official Transcript from your school of nursing
    • Out of state repeat examination application (if applicable)
    • Documentation for any "yes" answers to the Regulation questions (if applicable)
    • Appropriate payment of fees to the Alabama Board of Nursing
    • Register for NCLEX with Pearson VUE.
  • Applicants can complete the Application for Licensure by Exam and pay the fee to the Alabama Board of Nursing using a credit or debit card under the online services section of the Board’s website at Official transcripts still need to be mailed.

Requirements for Repeat Exam Applicants


Do not reapply for licensure by examination until you receive official test results by mail notifying you of failure.


Exam applicants are eligible to re-test after 45 days.