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Alabama Administrative Code
Chapter 610-X-6 Standards of Nursing Practice

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610-X-6-.01   Definitions
610-X-6-.02   Standards of Practice
610-X-6-.03   Conduct and Accountability

610-X-6-.04   Practice of Professional Nursing (Registered Nurse Practice)

610-X-6-.05   Practice of Practical Nursing (Licensed Practical Nurse Practice)

610-X-6-.06   Documentation Standards

610-X-6-.07   Medication Administration and Safety

610-X-6-.08   Standards for Moderate Sedation

610-X-6-.09   Assessment Standards
610-X-6-.10   Patient Care Orders

610-X-6-.11   Assignment, Delegation and Supervision

610-X-6-.12   Practice Beyond Basic Nursing Education: Standardized Procedures

610-X-6-.13   Standards for Wound Care

610-X-6-.14   Intravenous Therapy by Licensed Practical Nurses

610-X-6-.15   Telecommunication for Pronouncement of Patient Death

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