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2014 RN Renewal is over. If you have not renewed your license, it is currently lapsed and must be reinstated. You should not practice nursing without an active Alabama license or you will subject yourself to possible disciplinary action. If you did not renew your license you will need to have it reinstated here.

The Alabama Immigration Law requires that in order to issue or renew a license, each applicant or licensed nurse is required to submit proof of citizenship or legal presence at least once. Submit the appropriate checklist and copies of appropriate documents via email, fax, or mail. Contact information is on the form. Those non-citizens with a permanent resident card are only required to submit proof one time. Non-citizens with other documents are required to submit proof at time of original licensure and at each renewal.
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License Lookup is NOT to be used for primary source verification. If you require primary source verification, proceed to our Verification Service and order an official verification OR you can enroll in our online verification subscription service.

If you already subscribe to the subscription service, click here.

If you need to request additional documentation regarding discipline for a specific nurse, contact the Legal Department at the Alabama Board at 1-800-656-5318.

The lookup application will be updated daily by 8:00 am.
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